pattern girl paige!

I gush with pride quite often over my sweet and talented friends, and this is one of those moments! If I would have anyone design the prints for my life..clothes, home, everything..I could say with confidence that Paige would be my girl! She is working as a print designer at Lilly Pulitzer currently, and her drawing of the recent Lilly girls on the Martha Stewart Show (March 11) is featured on the front of LillyPulitzer.com! Pic 2 is of Paige(in the orange) in their studio and pic 3 is from our senior show in savannah last may. See more of Paige's adventures here! So proud of you!

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Paige Smith said...

Abby! You are the sweetest. If I could have someone design all of my party dresses with full skirts and ruffles it would be you!