baking bread.

I went home on a whim this weekend and had a wonderful relaxing time...eating breakfast at Memories Cafe, shopping a Nifty Thrifty, laughing with my mom and grandma...I got to bake bread with Mike too! He is quite the master and has been ordering his own unprocessed wheat and grinding the flour himself. I'm not quite to his level yet, but had fun watching him bake!


another treasure..

...picked these up at Hunt and Gather as well. You can't beat the colors or just finding a kitchen towel that says "Cool as a Cucumber!" I didn't realize until I got home that I was merely adding to my collection..I already have the "Ham and Eggs" towel!

ho ho ho...oh my.

Am I crazy? Maybe a little. I am so excited about this giant santa poster! I saw one similar to it while in Fredericksburg for about $85...and was so happy when I stumbled upon this one at Hunt and Gather for $20. I already can't wait to decorate for next Christmas...

yummy bread.

I gave my first go at emily's amish bread this weekend and it was wonderful! I had bread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yum, yum, yum! I can't wait to experiment more!


if you haven't seen this, you should.

If you haven't seen the PBS Masterpiece Classic "Little Dorrit," you should. A beautiful, long, dark, twisted yet lovely and endearing story as only Dickens could write. I would also highly recommend "Bleak House."


does someone have a cardigan problem?
does someone have a floral problem?
yes...and yes...


happy wednesday.

beautiful beautiful beautiful pictures from i.Anton's flickr.
I though I would share some of my 2010 goals with you my Lovey Dovey readers...
1. Learn to make cheese, bread, pizza dough, and a few signature drinks...just a few of the many things i want to be able to whip up on a whim this year.
2. Sew at least 7 items of clothing for myself.
3. Send more hand-written notes and packages..for no reason. There is nothing more wonderful than getting unexpected mail...
4. Host more get-togethers at my apt...this may mean theme parties..hmmm.
5. Run another 1/2 marathon in June.
Just a few things... I like to keep my goals list open and add to it along the way.

what i would wear tomorrow...

if budget and weather had no place in my world...
Crystal Supernova Necklace, J.crew
Selvege Chambray Shirt, J.Crew
Aniseed Skirt, Anthropologie
Marguerite Heel, Urban Outfitters
Baggu Duck Bag


winter run.

Wow, we were blessed with a weekend of great weather (30's and above!) and i went out for a run today..it was so beautiful. I am always in awe of the number of Minnesotans out and about in any tempurature..so many cross country skiiers, ice fishers, ice skaters..I couldn't help but have some state pride. I do love it here...if only April didn't have to be a winter month..
(these are iphone photos, so not the best...)


new at target!

Some new work I did for Circo Newborn in stores!


Some favorite moments from another great trip to the city...
Breakfast with Emily and Haylie at the Grey Dog..

Emily and I helped out at WovenPlay. We dressed some ballerina dolls and delivered them to their home at the boutique.

We went to the Moma on Friday to see the Tim Burton exhibit. 2 other favorites I saw...

A fantastic brunch at Farm in Flatbush. Pictured are the most amazing Biscuits and Gravy.

Emily took me to crazy Coney Island on Saturday...loved its quirky, creepy, scariness. We went to the $1 museum that hilighted some of its history and walked on the boardway. I kept hoping a Zoltar machine would pop up out of nowhere and start playing creey music...

Had a lovely dessert at Chickalicious, a small dessert bar run by the cutest lady, Chika. Her husband seats you at the bar, and you sit mesmerized watching her perfectly place lemon poppyseed cookies or scoop a beautiful dallop of grapefruit sorbet. A lovely experience...

Spent another great night at the PDT. Loved playing Donkey Kong while waiting for our table. Had the most amazing hotdog with cream cheese, scallions, and everything bagel topping sprinked all over...yummmm.

A lovely dinner at Penelope's with Liz, Paige, Emily, and Haylie. I love how when we're all together it feels like we were never apart.

Finally got to be on the today show! We stood behind Al for the weather, I shook Matt's hand, and got a picture with Meredith! Loved every minute..we went on Monday and Tuesday morning!


nyc bound.

nyc bound to see great friends and see a thing or too...yay.