if i were a fabric..

..i might just look like this. I could play this game all day.
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heart be still.

In the dear words of doober, heart be still! I have been eyeing Katie Runnel's wreaths for quite some time and think that I will be saving up for one very soon. I especially love this oh so crazy wonderful one.
Look at more here!


my kind of gift.

I have been meaning to share these pictures for too long, but here they are! Our wonderful neighbor Darla brought me an enormously large graduation present to open when I was home over the summer, and to my sheer joy, I looked down at all this! Tucked in a fabulous patent pink purse, was every sort of vintage rick rack and ditsy fabrics a sewing vintage loving girl could want! How nice for her to share these treasures that used to be hers and her mothers with me! Thanks Darla!

flower friend faces.

My sweet friends came in town last weekend and I was brought this colorful bunch of wildflowers. My dear friends all living happily close in this beautiful teal blue vase.
Some day..


Thursdays mean the market on Nicollet. I like to buy from the local farmers, especially an older couple who sells apples from Appleberry Farms. Sorry for the lack of posts... I am still trying to find the balance and energy of work life.