how to beat the winter blues...#1. sew (or just wear) spring clothes...

So, I have the winter blues. My next couple of posts will be dedicated to trying to solve them. In every state I have lived in, march has been a month of spring breaks and budding flowers, not snow storms and freak weather..Being mentally tough is key.
So this is your first task: Sew (or wear) summer clothes. Just say no and pull out one of your favorite bright bright dresses..of course, pair it with tights and a sweater, but give your winter pieces a break and give yourself a break. For myself, it is time to hit the sewing machine! I starting some sketching but decided to go with an old favorite..the apron dress from my state fair collection! Except now in top form...possibly available for sale soon..!

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Keri said...

Excellent! Will you be selling independently, or through a company?