kate and i..

..just peeked in at kate spade today and saw her haig point dress and felt oh so on trend because it so reminded me of the alexander henry fabric i bought for my mary poppins skirt! how fun!

three potato four shop.

...i always pop into three potato four to see what amazing new finds they have. I love love love this ahoy there duffel and this chickadee vase.


button up...

..you can download this beautiful picture by Shanon Gass for your desktop right here...

party time...

..Ooooo how fun! I saw on ginny's blog today halli's amazing wedding invites! So beautiful..and even more beautiful is how much of a collaboration their wedding is..the graphic design was done by Meagan Bennett and the letterpress by Emily Johnson ( get their information here...also found this amazing invite idea over at Oh Happy Day!..when should my next party be?

excited about...

...heather ross's book "weekend sewing"...i would love to write a sewing book someday, and do all the beautiful technical drawings like heather has done..get one here..


mark boutavant.

I happened upon mark boutavant's illustrations at work, on one of my endless quests for cool looking characters..I love love love his use of color and imagination. His book "Le tour du monde de Mouk" is on the top of my wishlist. See more of his work here.

beach anyone?

..great picture taken by Anna over at Rifle.


hello spring.

..a few lovely pieces i would scoop up on this first day of spring..thank you j.crew...


new misha lulu.

Misha Lulu's Spring collection is now online. Oh how I would like to get that lil' pirate ship t shirt for myself...

old books are the best books...

thanks to lisa for showing me this wonderful blog full of old books! i can't get enough of old kids books..the colors and illustrations are amazing. how sweet is this one?
See more at here.


craving simple things and being a prairie girl.

Maybe it is the beautiful spring weather in the air, maybe it is reading about Mildred Kalish's life on the farm during the depression in her book Little Heathens. Emily told me about this book, and it has been such a refreshing read...farm food and meals, chores, medicine, thrift..all done in a way so in touch with the world around us. What if all you had was the shoes on your feet, the dress on your back, and the land around you? We weren't designed to have anything more than that! Sigh...Can I be a prairie girl? and have a prairie boy to climb an apple tree with?
The clothes from above are from Cabbages and Roses, what any country girl would wear for the rest of her life. Beautiful things.
p.s. if you have not seen the PBS special, Pioneer House, put it in your Netflix Queue now...you will love it. i promise. Also, Calamity Jane, a cowgirl classic.

lovely design.

I found on my friend Van's blog, pictures and products from Lovely Design. There are so many talented moms and designers out there..ones that make you think, i hope i am that cool when i have kids, throwing amazing birthday parties, decorating lunch bags, making valentines, and just truly enjoying being with your kids. This is one of those moms. Besides her products being swoon worthy, like her address file, reading about her daughter Adelaide (a name i love love love) and their daily adventures are wonderful. See more of Lovely Design here.

miniature worlds.

ooo..just found another new toy..Tilt Shift Maker. It blurs your photos just right in order to create miniature-esque little worlds..you do need just the right photo for it..here is lettuce from the neighbors garden last summer.


you're the ketchup to my french fries..

These were the valentines I sent out this year, each one completing this phrase "you're the ..... to my......" and since they are with my valentines now, I can post about them!


pattern girl paige!

I gush with pride quite often over my sweet and talented friends, and this is one of those moments! If I would have anyone design the prints for my life..clothes, home, everything..I could say with confidence that Paige would be my girl! She is working as a print designer at Lilly Pulitzer currently, and her drawing of the recent Lilly girls on the Martha Stewart Show (March 11) is featured on the front of LillyPulitzer.com! Pic 2 is of Paige(in the orange) in their studio and pic 3 is from our senior show in savannah last may. See more of Paige's adventures here! So proud of you!


#2: think happy thoughts.

thank you threadless for this amazingness!..."Playing in the Sprinkler" and "Complementary Colors"...i want both of these t shirts. See more here.


how to beat the winter blues...#1. sew (or just wear) spring clothes...

So, I have the winter blues. My next couple of posts will be dedicated to trying to solve them. In every state I have lived in, march has been a month of spring breaks and budding flowers, not snow storms and freak weather..Being mentally tough is key.
So this is your first task: Sew (or wear) summer clothes. Just say no and pull out one of your favorite bright bright dresses..of course, pair it with tights and a sweater, but give your winter pieces a break and give yourself a break. For myself, it is time to hit the sewing machine! I starting some sketching but decided to go with an old favorite..the apron dress from my state fair collection! Except now in top form...possibly available for sale soon..!