..spent thanksgiving in alabama with my dad's family! In true southern style, we ate canned cranberry sauce (a hyslop family tradition..along with true classy array of other yummy things thanks to Fiona) and went to the Jack Daniels distillery! hee hee.
It was a great relaxing break.
p.s. I watched the entire Band of Brothers series. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it.


ok, i am seriously seriously considering getting a puppy when the snow lifts this next spring. It would most definitely be a french bulldog (my dream is to have a st. bernard, but i will wait till i have a house that can handle one)..start small, right? it would be named..
pickle or
agatha (aggie)

more things at target...

a few new things that are in stores now! The dresses were only in a few stores this fall so those won't be there anymore..
There will be lots more coming soon!

on my christmas list...

..the Diana F camera...

the slim angel camera from poketo...

this awesome print from small stump ...

this amazing pencil scarf...

good bye fall.

i think the fall will be leaving me very soon, maybe even this week. These leaves make me giggle. See more here.
via excavation by the spoonful.


holly jolly.

Ok, I did buy into the holiday spirit a bit already with these slighty tacky but amazing colored christmas lights (they are selling them for $2/ pk at Urban Outfitters!).. I am loving the way they light up my apartment! This Christmas, I plan to..not go to a mall and give low-budget gifts..hee hee, not that they won't be good...



..with somewhat grand plans for halloween this year, i, alas, had to settle for a much easier solution the day before. Thanks to the help of a co-worker, my spaghetti and meatballs costume was born. It was a fun one..next year, hamburger? circus tent? terrarium?