craving simple things and being a prairie girl.

Maybe it is the beautiful spring weather in the air, maybe it is reading about Mildred Kalish's life on the farm during the depression in her book Little Heathens. Emily told me about this book, and it has been such a refreshing read...farm food and meals, chores, medicine, thrift..all done in a way so in touch with the world around us. What if all you had was the shoes on your feet, the dress on your back, and the land around you? We weren't designed to have anything more than that! Sigh...Can I be a prairie girl? and have a prairie boy to climb an apple tree with?
The clothes from above are from Cabbages and Roses, what any country girl would wear for the rest of her life. Beautiful things.
p.s. if you have not seen the PBS special, Pioneer House, put it in your Netflix Queue now...you will love it. i promise. Also, Calamity Jane, a cowgirl classic.

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