happy weekend! a few wonderful things..

..tempted to scoop up this lovely piece from vintology..

..i could definitely live with this! print by small stump. i hope it's available for purchase soon!

..can i be friends with my bowls?? amazing japanese book by Utako Yamanda available at superbuzzy...


this time last year..

i was...
in savannah playing in forsythe park.
at emily's, dressing up like hybrids of some sort.
on tybee eating crab, sausage and corn with the fam.
frantically finishing my portfolio for our senior show.


why don't we still take the time to do beautiful things like monogram the inside of our dresses?
via the snail and the cyclops, a beautiful blog you must also add to your list ( i am loving her "what genus are you?" posts that feature beautiful botanical drawings..i think i am meadow sweet).

garance dore.

amazing sketch. by garance dore via nadinoo.


some of my weekend...

i have new dresses started but not finished yet..but i also attacked my sewing pile of hems/alterations/muu muu's that needed some sprucing up. The first dress, I loved the print, but it was quite the crazy grandma morning gown silhouette..soooo I created a seam at the waist to give it some shape, lowered the neck line into a scoop neck and the back into a low v neck. The next dress is one of my favorites (bought in Paris) It was rather long, and after wearing it in college numerous times without being hemmed, it is now hemmed, the straps fit properly and it has a new bow at the bust line..just like new! I love altering these old dresses..seeing the hand sewn seams and details and day dreaming of the woman that made it, where she picked out her fabric, and of course where she wore the finished piece...

more katie did..

thanks to katie, who has been pouring through katie did's blog, and told me i had to read more of her posts, i did! I just can't tell you how inspiring it is to read. If any blog would make you want to be a mom, i think it just might be this one. To see how this mom pour her creative energy and spirit into her precious kids.. new easter dresses, first day of school outfits, quilts..and oh so much more..it's enough to make you cry with how truly sweet it is. there is an over whelming sense of appreciation for life and family in every post. you must add this blog to your favorites.



..with no plans this weekend, i am hoping to do some sewing! I am loving the dresses that are out right now that have the knit tops and the woven skirts (like the middle shot from top shop)..so that's the project! I bought tanktops from target for the top portion and am heading to joann's tomorrow for the solid fabric for the color blocked skirt! I love the color combos in Katie Did's little dresses..maybe even a little roygbiv action? have a great memorial day everyone!


..we had a baby shower at work today for a co worker and we each decorated a little onesie for her! here was my little creation..


..the new small magazine is now online! above are two of my favorite shots...take a peek here!


yay for kiley, baker, and hannah!

My mom and Mike pulled out all the stops this weekend and hosted an amazing graduation party for the graduates, Hannah, Baker and Kiley. A "county fair" theme with red and white check table cloths, funnel cakes, hot dog stand, ring toss..it was a huge success and quite the party. I designed the invites and was up sewing pendants on wednesday night..it was quite the celebration! I also got to catch up with 2 lovey dovey readers..hi Sandy and Robin!!

spring in oakland.

I was home this weekend for my sister's graduation..it was nice to be in the open cornfields of nebraska, might not sound riveting but I have come to appreciate it oh so much. Saturday morning started out seeing my mom's newly planted garden, picking fresh lilacs, and having fun watching yet another nest on my mom's porch! The momma bird would come and sit on the nest every time the door would shut again..so fun!

my view.

it is spring! it is spring! it is spring! I have NEVER appreciated green and birds chirping and windows being open more so than now...minnesota winter what?? This is the view from the top of my apartment building over looking Loring Park.



i am really wanting...

..this dress from anthropologie. and it is called the "new math dress." love it.