this is beautiful.

...you are going to want to watch it again. a stunning portrayal of what seemed like the most pleasant of days. beautiful.
ginny and ed's wedding. see more here.
video by josh goleman and nate kula.


i love this.

...ok, this map of paris is beautiful.. and i am the freak that would actually lloooovvvveee cutting out all those beautiful little details. Mmmm..wish by birthday was closer than next april. by the wonderful famille summerbelle.


texas girls.

The biggest highlight of the trip was getting to reconnect with a group of girlies from texas. All avid lovey dovey readers, they have huge hearts and are such an encouragement to me. If I could I would scoop everyone of them up and bring them to minneapolis! I am expecting each and everyone of them to start blogs!(some already have and some are in the works..)
...take a look at ashlea's yummy recipes at the little kitchen that could.

howdy austin.

An amazing part of my job is getting to travel (even as an assistant!). We just got back from spending 2 days in Austin to get inspired and shop the many vintage stores the city has. It was great to be back in texas, where any amazing mexican food is at your fingertips, where heat is the norm, where guys are friendly in a way unlike any other state and have sexy twangs...I was very impressed with Austin's culture. Every establishment seems to have been touched with this slightly grungy yet very modern aesthetic. Favorites: Migas at the South Congress Cafe, Room Service Vintage, a very laughter-filled pedi cab ride, drinks at the Hotel San Jose (3 times), the men at Allen Boots...



ain't that the truth...lovely pictures and simple words from pretty good.


i came home with..

1 old pillowcase $1
cute teal bird s&p shakers $2
gilded shout-out-to-mj mirror (which i plan to spray paint with a high gloss paint in white perhaps?) $5
amazing blue mason jars $9
..i cant tell you how much fun i have coming home with a box full of goodies from nifty thrifty. it feels like i have a little treasure trove all to myself.

the 4th.

..had a relaxing holiday weekend at home. homemade meals, making pies with my mom, parades, lighting fireworks, eating candy, shopping at nifty thrifty, a lot of naps...


lilly land!

i am bursting with dear friend pride yet again as i often do. Sweet Paige's first print for Lilly Pulitzer is out and ready to buy! An exclusive Bloomingdale's toile Tunic! love it! Here is the link to the girls sizes..more to come once i find where to buy the womens tunic..

they don't make 'em like they used to.

from timeless vixen vintage.

yes it is.

oh how i love this. from TheBeSide.