1/2 marathon...check!

..the 1/2 marathon is checked off my list! i did it! it was truly an incredible experience and a super fun weekend. You feel alot of emotions running a race like this, but there is nothing like it. anyone can do it, i promise!


more fun things...

..more of my designs at target! that top print is one of my favorites!


baby land.

I design for the Circo brand at Target for Baby, so these are some of the first prints I worked on last year and that are now in stores! The top is a butterfly print (disclaimer: i hate butterflies on kids clothes, but it comes with the job. I tried to make a butterfly print that I would buy..) and the second is a Sleep n' Play Heart print (second disclaimer: we are often tasked to make our art very emotional, so that involves alot of prints/ graphics that include "I love Mom" and "I love Dad"..no I do not usually make heart prints that say these things..)
Hope you like!

adam and halli.

Head over to Once Wed to see sweet Haylie's DIY on Halli's Bird Cage veil! A beautiful couple surrounded by the sweetest friends and surroundings...the pictures are gorgeous. All photographs by Josh Goleman.


marathon update...

well, half marathon day is quickly approaching. No I am not dead. Have I struggled? yes. Is going out and running 6 miles fun now? no, but I can do it. Do I need to do a 10 mile run this weekend? yes. Am I excited for race day? yes. Am I counting on adrenaline to get me through? you betcha...


..is this picture just dreamy? someday i hope to have what william and penelope have. As seen on Once Wed, a charming blog on which my amazingly sweet darling dear friend Haylie Bird will be posting her DIY crafts and ideas!