mother rabbit.

I have an amazing mother. The older I get, the more I realize how she has shaped what I am growing to appreciate and value. She values so many of life's little details, whether it's her antique vintage rooster bowl she puts her brewed tea bag in every morning, or her practice of journaling every day (she even wrote journals to us when we were little), or her desire to eat locally as much as she can (she is now getting farm raised fresh chickens!), she is now sharing some of her tips, tricks, and advice on her blog, Mother Rabbit Says: Tips for Leaving the Nest. You must pop over and read some of these very wise lessons...one of my favorites, which my mom lives by, is always use whole milk when cooking. The day I see my mom buy a gallon of skim milk, will be the day pigs fly...and she is much smaller than me too, mind you.

how was your weekend?

I hope it was great! I can't tell you how much I love Minneapolis in the summer. The city is alive..literally. And my bike is making things so fun. I did some more unpacking, ate a brat at the farmers market, filled up my bottles with flowers, rode my bike in the rain..that's all. Happy Monday!


bike adventures: oriental market.

Tonight i braved the city on my bike. I'm still a little nervous riding around with all the big ole' cars, but I am encouraged by the hoards of minnesotans riding around all over the place during the summer. I headed to the Shuang Hur Oriental Market to peek around and get some goods for dinner. In my basket were bean sprouts, baby bok choy, rice vinegar, sesame seeds..I found myself picking up bottles i liked and throwing them in just for fun! It was a visual treat and some of the packaging was pretty amazing. I loved the sliming tea section. So fun biking home with a backpack full of fun things to experiment with...


green thumb update.

here are some updated pics of my little planter garden! Things have really taken off. I've had fresh spinach and lettuce and am starting to get lots of little tomatoes from the plant my mom brought up for me. My first strawberries have also popped up this week! Another little update, I finished my second half marathon this weekend! It was a great weekend with friends and I am excited to run another..but not for a while..

paige smith for lilly pulitzer...Summer 2010.

Paige has worked on some amazing prints for Lilly Summer 2010, one of my favorites being her Fresh Catch Toile! Every little detail oozes charm and makes me want to drink a glass of wine by the water. And check out the precious dress it comes in! Love it as usual. Check out more of Paige's lovely work here and download Paige's Fresh Catch toile for your desktop on lillypulitzer.com.


oh to be little again...

love love these photos from small magazine summer 2010 styled by christine visneau and sarah tippetts. can i play dress up tomorrow instead of going to work? please?


listening to...

The Tallest Man on Earth npr tiny desk concert...


hi again!

so sorry for the lack of posts! i have had lots going on (i moved last weekend!) and my internet isn't hooked up yet, but I got it to work for now, so here's a quick update in pictures!
1. empty old apartment
2. poppies by Lake Harriet
3. my new Linus bike and I at the lake
4. basil from my garden at my new apartment