working class studio for scad.

I had the pleasure of working with Working Class Studio the summer after graduating. Working Class is SCAD's very own production company, designed by students, alumni, and faculty with their product lines are sold at retailers across the country. Above are some product shots of Working Class's new Fall Line feauturing some of my prints! Hope you like them! All the products are sold online right here or see if Working Class is sold at a store near you here!


Kk is for Kara.

Beautiful work from fellow precious fibers girl, Kara Wentz. See more at Kara's blog, Kk is for Kara.

new things at target!

More Cherokee little girls clothes in stores now! I'm especially excited about some of these graphics!

saturday farmer's market.

Had a great trip to the Minneapolis Farmers Market this morning with some wonderful friends... picked up some beautiful vegetables, cucumbers, yellow carrots, tomatillos, an array of tomatoes, home grown pears, and these little guys called ground cherries, which are the sweetest tasting little tomatoes...yum yum.



We also headed out to the University of Minnesota Arboretum, which is about 1,000 acres of different gardens, trees, praries and trails. Despite the fact that it was a scorcher, we braved our ways through some trails and enjoyed being outside.

hunt and gather.

I also took em and paul to a minneapolis staple, hunt and gather, one of my favorite spots for a visual treat and to buy things I very much don't need. I love the way they get so much stuff in every room...love love it. Enjoy these pics from around the store!


the country bunny.

While ay Wild Rumpus, Emily introduced me to the book The Country Bunny, written by Du Bose Heyward and illustrated by Marjorie Hack, published in 1939. I truly can't believe I hadn't seen this beautiful story before...you must read it! I'll just tempt you now with some of the beautiful pages...

wild rumpus.

So many sweet memories from this weekend! Emily and Paul came to Minneapolis to see me and it was oh so fun to have them in my city...and I got to take them to some of my favorite places! First on the list was Wild Rumpus, a children's book store in the precious neighborhood of Linden Hills. You can walk through the big door, or the little door, and could be greeted by a number of fine feather or furry friends...chickens, cats, chinchilas, lizards..It's the kind of place that makes you want to stay there all day long and read every story you can...p.s. I kinda fell in love with Amelia the chinchila too.