days of the week dishtowels!

My final shots of my dishtowel series! yay!


no. four eleven.

No. Four Eleven is a wonderful store here in Savannah. Clean lines, kelly green and navy, bamboo..yum! I fell in love with these organizational boxes by a german company, Semikolon. They are available here at Container Store!


mod midwest.

A collection for the modern home.

pom poms.

A collection for kids interiors.

state fair collection.

A collection of originally designed dresses and prints.


sneak peek!


So the big photoshoot was today! The dresses are done and the girls looked absolutely precious! It was a wonderful day...My lil sis was in town and we were getting ready and running errands getting ready. Of course one of our stops was at Michael's to see if Martha had anything to add... and of course she did. If anyone is having a party or just wants to do something fun and happy, go get Martha's tissue paper pom pom kit! They were amazing and added so much to our shoot!