brimfield antique show.

well, let's just get it out there... i can't believe i could ever say this, but i was absolutely sick of looking at everything vintage after Brimfield. wow. talk about visual overload! it was an amazing thing to finally see after hearing about it for so long, but i must say, it made me oh so thankful for the wonderful places for thrifting i have right at my fingertips here in minneapolis, especially hunt and gather. i hope you can all visit me up here so i can take you there! I came home with some fun things though: linens of course (i was drawn to the red ones this time), a great sifter, an old letter block holder, scarfs, and these amazing needlepoint ladies.

queen of florals.

check out these great photos of the Cath Kidston's home in the latest Lonny Magazine. I also love her advice..which I need to hear...florals don't need to be evvveerywhere. See more here.

make way for ducklings.

one of my favorite pieces of public art is the Make Way for Ducklings sculpture in Boston Commons. I have a picture by it when I was little, so of course Mother Rabbit recreated the moment!

beacon hill.

here are some pictures of my recent visit to boston! what a beautiful city...i found myself imagining living there and loving life...as long as i didn't have to drive. sheesh! every corner on beacon hill, you were greeted by a old door or a beautifully hand painted window sign...


boston bound!

I am so excited to be traveling to Massachusetts this week for the Brimfield Antique show and spend a day in Boston too! I'll be shopping for vintage textile inspiration for work and will hopefully pick up some real gems for myself too...I'm hoping I can focus and not get too overwhelmed and excited...yay!