daily candy.

I love clicking through the pages of Daily Candy just to see the great and quirky illustrations. enjoy!


fabric day!

I just bought this lot of vintage fabric. Can't wait to make something from it!


whitney english.

After doing some invitation hunting online, I have come to the conclusion that Whitney English has the most fantastic invites, stationary, and calling cards out there! I love the mood boards she has on her website about each of her collections (pictured above) and here is just an assortment of some of my favorites. Yum...check out her fabulous website, www.whitneyenglish.com, and place your order at Lemon Tree Paperie!


is it summer yet?

I happened upon this picture in a Vogue from the fifties while researching today and got to thinkin' about the great assortment of one pieces in J.Crew's swim line up. Check out the rapallo ring print halter and the solid low cross back tank here!


hable construction.

I love this weekender tote from the wonderful company Hable Construction. Check out their great website here.


i might just...

i might just drop out of school and make cupcakes all day long..look at more amazing photos from Hello Naomi's flickr site!


teen whimsy.

Enjoy this article from the latest Teen Vogue entitled "My Funny Valentine." Quite the visual feast...and what incredible styling.

bimba y lola.

When I was in Barcelona, last winter, my friends and I stumbled upon this store on our Spain shoe hunt. We found the prices to be oh so agreeable and the styles oh so chic. They told us that it is actually a branch off of Carolina Herrera. I happened upon their website the other day and let's just say I want the music on the site to be my life's soundtrack. You must take a peek here! Pictured above is their store in Barcelona and shots from their site.


grace's glasses.

First off, is there anyone more darling that the lovely Grace Kelly? After seeing my friend Colleen's new glasses that have a wonderful retro twist, I was reminded of Grace Kelly's wonderful glasses and I want some too! I found some great ones at RetroSpeks right here.

house and garden.

I have had these saved for a while and hope they make you as happy was they make me! Don't you wish these were still on the stands today?? enjoy!


what to wear...

I have been waiting for the new J.Crew Spring line to come out, and they have some online now! They have a whole feature on the prints they designed for this season and where the designers found their inspiration. I am craving these two dresses, the Campo De Fiore Ballerina Dress and the Candy Tweed Tank Dress!


fabric day!

Love this one! Would be great as kitchen stool covers?? Get it from Crafty Planet, a great fabric store in Minneapolis!



I learned Jadeite at Nifty Thrifty yesterday. My mom bought me some of the small refrigerator glass dishes yesterday. Lots of pieces are available on ebay..and some get really pricey! But I love the color.


more thrifty.

i hit another jackpot today both at Nifty Thrifty and Finders Keepers in Uehling. I have collected Pyrex for 3 days and I already have 13 pieces! I think I have a problem.. My best find was 3 nesting bowls in Pink Gooseberry, one of my favorite patterns. Here are some other things I picked up too!


i am loving...Pyrex!

Wow..I have made myself obssessed with vintage Pyrex! The patterns and colors are so great.. I guess this is my new collection..yay! If you haven't seen much and want to, all these images are from Pyrex Love. I am heading back to Nifty Thirty tomorrow to get more!

"roll out the barrel..and we'll have a barrel of fun.."

I spent my New Year's Eve at the West Point Vets Club dancing to Artie and Gwen Shmidt. I am the youngest one within probably 40 years, and I wouldn't give it up for anything! It is a treat to be able to see these couples dance together the same way they have been for 50 years. I love hearing their stories, hearing Artie say "Whoop dee doo!" after every song he plays..I only hope I will have that much energy when I am 87! I did learn last night that Artie and Gwen go for a 3 mile walk every morning..I am trying to discover as many of their secrets as I can...My favorite song to dance to is the Dessert Polka! Happy New Year!