let's go fly a kite..

..up to the highest heights, let's go fly a kite to new york city! In less than a month, I will be venturing to the city once more for another weekend extravaganza with 2 sweethearts. One adventure is seeing Mary Poppins on Broadway..yay yay yay!


past and present...

Savannah, Georgia in lemon yellow knit dresses with doober to Minneapolis, Minnesota in sleeping bag coats...


i will ...

...give 3 hugs. what is your thing?
Found on kimb's blog.


what i would wear tomorrow...

..if i could wear whatever i wanted... top and shoes from Kate Spade, sweater and glasses from anthropologie, jeans from j.crew..


the good ole' days..

My last quarters in savannah were some of my very favorites...because of silly days like this one when emily and i turned the upstairs sewing room into our clubhouse (sweatshop i should say) of final portfolios for the day. I was working on my final dress and emily on her "I hate horses because they die.." apron. From morning till early morning, we work work worked..and got loopier and loopier..it was amazing. We even came home with loot..a wooden play oven we found in an alley.


a sketch for you..

from one of my senior sketchbooks.


to be a kid again..

..they don't make them like they used to..see more beautiful illustrations here.



playing in the city...

There is little else more refreshing than being with the people who know you best..here are some snippets from the best weekend I have had in a long while..
2nd floor mint rooms and a chalkboard, "the fox ran out of the bog," matching firey red hats, exploring Park Slope, exploring Soho, Muji, sangria in Soho, paul pondering possible mister right, long camel coat- dark jeans- colorful sneakers, nooka watches for days, haylie across the platform, hot dogs, phone booth, bear with a top hat..when am I moving here?

what you see in the city..

..amazingly ornate clocks, a lion peering out of a truck full of colorful mirrors, frames and oddities from the "Good Old Things Shoppe," the lovely Chrysler building, pastel fridges on the street...

working in the city..

I met up with my co-workers on Sunday at the Library Hotel to head to the show on Monday. Each floor had a different subject.. I was on the Math and Science floor and was in room 500.002 Geology. All the books in the room had to do with your subject..so I read myself to sleep with "Amber," a real page turner...We also enjoyed a great meal all together at Otto Pizzeria, one of Mario Batali's restaurants. My favorite was the basalmic onion and goat cheese pizza with the celery root and citrus salad..yum!

hello peagreen...nice to meet you.

I also loved meeting the boys from peagreen, a design studio based in the UK. I had always loved their prints when I would see them brought back from the print shows, but getting to appreciate their work first hand was another highlight of the trip. It was refreshing to see such great work.. thanks peagreen. Check out their blog too!

lilla rogers.

Helen's Work

Matte's Work

Jillian's Work

One of my favorite parts of New York was of course my first print show..specifically when Luis came darting around the corner with glee realizing that some of the artists that we as the Kids Textile Team at Target follow very closely for dazzling inspiration were at Print Source for the first time! Represented by the amazingLilla Rogers studio, Carolyn Gavin of Ecojot, Helen Dardik of Orange You Lucky, Matt Stephens, and Jillian Phillips (from who I got a special treat!) are all incredible talents and it was fun to appreciate their work first hand!

christmas finds.

Just a few things to report..picked up these incredible cocktail napkins..incredible! The olive green, orange, bubbly pink and black make me swoon as well as the bottle in his beak..they dont make 'em like these anymore. I also got a great embroidered linen holder and some choice vintage christmas cards.



phew! it has been a long run without saying hello..I had a very relaxing christmas and new years at home in oakland and then turned around to head for nyc, so i have lots to tell and share. First, some shots from christmas...
-i always am fascinated by the giant icicles..i could stare at them all day.
-To my delight, I discovered for the first time Grandma Dee's collection of wind ups..she is one creative lady, full of ideas, projects, lists, poems, collections..i can only hope my mind will be that alive for that long.
-main street at night.
-old buttons framed at anthropologie.
-the front case at Nifty Thrifty. Will post findings very soon.