oh to live in the olden days.

what if this was your calling card...even better..what if you were a balloonist! love it.
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easy breezy.

what a picture of the beautiful grace kelly.

memories from the Louvre.

Some of the sweetest memories of my life were spent in France my junior year of college...On our week trip to Paris from the countryside in Provence, one of the many things we did of course, was getting lost at the Louvre. While there were many beautiful things to see, I must say I could have spent almost all my time with the Flemish still lifes, by artists like Snyders, Utrecht, and Jan de Heem...It was the combined pleasure of the brilliant colors, the preciseness, and the juxtaposition of so many quirky things within one frame, that contributed to my slight obsession with these beautiful works. I hope you enjoy these pictures from my trip!



By far, one of my very favorite parts of going to SCAD and especially in our Fibers department, was the emphasis on sketchbooks. I absolutely loved the practice of documenting my process visually on the page. I treated each page as a project in itself and still treasure every sketchbook I have. I even keep my Senior Collection notebook (some pages shown above) at work with me and when I find myself getting frustrated or uninspired, I flip through it and am able to almost reconnect and remind myself of who I am. I have continued to work in a sketchbook at work and have found that the practice of turning around from my computer screen and turning to my sketchbook is such a necessary part of staying connected with why I love what I do in my fast-paced work environment. Every season, I map out for myself what graphics I want to do and use mini sketches to start my process (shown above). Then I start drawings for each graphic, scan them in, and finish them in Photoshop. The cuckoo clock was a graphic that didn't make it into our final line.
I also found the page that inspired the work I did for Working Class Studio the other day, so thought I would share that with you! Also, the Working Class journals were featured in "the Nest" magazine!


more fall.

Sorry, i can't help but share some more fall pictures. It has been absolutely idyllic here in Minneapolis. I have found myself multiple times stopping in my tracks because the trees right now literally take your breadth away. They look like they are on fire and everyday the leaves colors change just slightly..I think part of me also knows that in a snap, the temperature will drop and winter will be here. There's nothing like an incoming Minnesota winter to make you appreciate every little changing leaf of fall.