what to do with a giant carrot...

i love giant vegetables. yes, it's true. they seem to take on a love-able characteristic of their own when they're just that much more chubby and strange. my co-workers bought me a lovely large carrot at the market, and that led me to ask the question, "what do i do with a giant carrot?" Well, I chopped him up for a soup, but how lovely is this idea spotted here on design sponge? great idea.



...it snowed here on monday. I have a bone to pick with Minnesota.
Dear Minnesota,
I do love you. Your lakes and summers are to die for. While I have come to terms with giving you the precious months of April and March for your winter season, I really don't want to give you October too. I haven't even gone apple picking yet. Please just wait a little longer...please?
A devoted resident, Abby
..although this weather really is just perfect for...

...curling up with a book.

rebecca miller via all the mountains.


don't these just transport you to the most wonderful place? found on all the mountains, a new blog i found today and am loving.


paige smith for lilly pulitzer.

..another favorite moment for sure, was a little visit I took to the Lilly store on Madison Ave. A little birdie told me that Paige had a new print out called "Trouble" featuring monkeys swinging from chandeliers. So I was beaming as I walked into the store and saw her print on journals, planners, and my new coffee mug! Little did I know that when I walked up stairs I would be greeted by a gorgeous painting of Lilly herself by none other than Paige! So proud..how fun!


museum of natural history.

We spent an afternoon at the Museum of Natural History. What an incredible place. The museum had such a charm to it, partly due to the old school dioramas, large and small, and due to the amazing complexities and details in God's creation. Theodore Roosevelt's father was one of the founders of the museum and Roosevelt himself was a dedicated naturalist. "There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy and its charm," said Theodore. As I was walking around, I daydreamed of being in the museum all alone and playing explorer..
On my list of books to read is Mornings on Horseback by David McCullough about Theodore Roosevelt's childhood and family.

happy birthday haylie bird!

..part of the fun of this weekend is that it fell right on sweet Haylie's birthday! Many fun plans were in place including a night at Prospect Park under the stars for some grilling and poker. It was so fun to catch up with friends new and old..sweet Erin, lovely Ginny, and adorable Chelsea among them. We were able to treat ourselves to a magical dinner at Freeman's. Like many moments that I truly believe one can only have in nyc, looking down the alley and seeing those lights and the warm blue door of Freeman's was amazing. It was the perfect place to celebrate the life of a dear friend that has brought so many sweet and tender moments into my life.

fall in nyc.

.."I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.." Tom Hanks in You've Got Mail.
What fun to see New York in the fall with great friends. Work sent me to the city again, but was able to spend some time playing too. Walking around Park Slope and Carroll Gardens really brought the city into a new light for me. It seemed approachable and even a little home-y...(I think I would like to reside in the apartment with the little green door I found.) I am so proud of my friends for taking a risk and living there..it ain't easy, but what a sweet time full of "seasoning" for their life stories. It was a warm welcome on Carroll St. with some of emily's homemade amish bread. Friday was full of shopping for ribbons, yummy chocolate treats and much more in preparation for Haylie's birthday on Saturday (more pics to follow). We ate yummy food of course, including the Daisy hotdog, from Willie's Dawgs, which features some incredible diorama's to help rescued dogs get adopted...also, the lovely arepas from Caracas in Williamsburg..yum yum yum. Another favorite moment, was spending some quiet time at Central Park. I liked daydreaming of living there and taking the subway to run in the Park...Just as we were settling down next to the water, I looked to my right and saw a boy pull out a tiny box and then saw the sweet hugs that followed. It was so heartwarming. I loved that I snapped a little pic of this sweet couple.

yummy in my tummy.

..a picture worth posting from the state fair... homemade blackberry milkshake from our very own minnesota farmers..probably one of the tastiest treats I have ever had.