ok..so cool.

I discovered Poladroid today..and am having a lot of fun right now. Yes, I wish I had my own polaroid camera, but for the meantime, this application is pretty amazing! Download it for free..when you open it, a little polaroid camera pops up on your desk top. You drag your photo onto the camera, and watch it develop! To save it, double click on the image and save. Definitely enough fun to entertain me for a while..
this picture is from a wonderful night at emily's listening to an amazing love story of wit and courage compliments of reba..


packages from home.

i love the things my mom sends me. She was sending me a check and with it, she sent a bag of my favorite Lars yellow peas and this little box with dahlia seed pods in it.


lab partners.

check out lab partner's amazing new prints from a recent show. I love the combination of the warm yellow with the shocking pink and black. And that they were inspired by a recent trip to Paris. Check out their blog here.


gradating goodness.

I had to get a picture of this building walking home from work today before it changes any more, and I love my newly organized pyrex bowls sitting it gradating color along my kitchen shelf.

walking to work...

this is what I see.