la la land.

i am heading to sunny LA tomorrow and am pinching myself! This will be my very very first time to California...I will be on a shopping and inspiration trip for our team at Target looking out for exciting things for our next Spring season. These are some shots from the Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica where we will be crashing.:)

p.s. I haven't seen the beach in about 3 years.
p.p.s It is supposed to be -19 in Minneapolis on Friday. It will be 73 in Santa Monica.

And thanks to Oh Joy! for all of her wonderful food suggestions! Maybe I'll run into you when we are checking out Silver Lake!


sweet jams.

what are you listening to as you are sewing (don't you love the colors of these pins i picked up at joann's today?) away or relaxing on a saturday morning or scrubbing the floors? Here's what I have been listening to lately:

1. Blame it on the Boogie- Jackson 5
2. Rhinestone Eyes- Gorillaz
3. Take it Easy- Surfer Blood
4. Marathon- Tennis
5. Stay Close- Delorean
6. One Hundred Million Years- M. Ward
7. Feel it on the Southside (Washed Out vs. Birdman)- The Hood Internet
8. Home (RAC Mix)- Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

I have to thank the peeps over at The Flash Dance for their awesome playlists and guest playlists! I was in a slight music funk and am completely inspired again!

be inspired: bigBANG studio.

I am so glad I happened upon this blog last week. I spent hours reading through artist Lily Stockman's current adventures in India with her husband and found reading her stories especially inspiring at the start of this new year. She is a great example of seizing opportunities and has inspired me to keep all windows of opportunities wide open. Her photography also inspired me to invest in a new SLR camera sometime this year! Her blog is a must read. All photos from BigBANG studio.

mother rabbit cooks.

I received a treasure for Christmas. My mom compiled all the recipes that we grew up with and she is still proficient in making into a beautiful book entitled, "Mother Rabbit Cooks." Every page tells a story of where the recipe came from and tips and tricks from Mother Rabbit herself. I am blessed to have a mother who values the time around the table as a family and spending time in the kitchen. She has taught me to eat fresh, local foods, to always use whole milk and real butter, and I would never ever dream of buying a cake, cupcakes, or cookies from the store. I love being able to appreciate all the wonderful things about my mom in a whole new way as an adult...thank you mother rabbit!

mr. little guy.

I know I have told you about the gnome, excuse me, tree elf, that lives at lake harriet, right? There is a little door in a tree around the running path that is always occupied by a few little kids (or adults;) huddled around it, peering in, and leaving notes, trinkets, and whatever else they want. When Emily and Paul were in town this summer, we all wrote Mr. gnome notes and left them in the tree. I had heard he writes everyone back, but it was hard to believe. It was truly one of the best days of my summer when I opened that little door, flipped through all the notes, and found mine! It now lives in my type case holder in my kitchen. How magical!

a southern girls guide to winter.

This is my third winter here in Minneapolis, and while this has most definitely been the worst weather wise, I must say my spirits (no pun intended;) and outlook about this season here in the North are better than ever. There are a few very tangible things that I have discovered to help me in these cold months that I thought I would share with you.

1. Invest in real-deal winter boots.
I bought my Sorel boots last winter and have never been the same. The traction is unlike any other pair of boots I have seen and you feel invincible against any pile of snow or icy lake. These boots mean business..I also think they are quite chic in a mountain man kind of way and wear them with just about everything.

2. Have a great warm pair of mittens.
These fleece lined mittens have been with me for 2 winters and I love 'em!

3. Whiskey
Ladies, winter sucks sometimes and heading out for late night sledding with a little hard stuff in your pocket is kinda fun. It warms the bones..it's true. When I asked my sister's for a flask for Christmas, there was a bit of silence on the other end of the phone, until I said, "Have you forgotten that I live in the frozen tundra and a girls gotta stay warm??"