It was a relaxing weekend and day off at home to celebrate my mom and sister's birthdays. I love being at the Little House and how much I have come to appreciate Oakland and its charms that I feel I have only know really come to appreciate. The garden was overgrown, but still beautiful in its own spooky october way. A long bike ride with my mom to our cousin's farm was a perfect afternoon activity and my stops to Nifty Thrifty and Finders Keepers were of course fabulous. It's as if I have my own little treasure troves in the middle of nowhere to find wonderful things I do no need but that I come home with because they are $1.50...a little run down of my finds?
(First picture) A set of 8 buttery yellow bowls and creamer with gold details: $3
2 awesome lard tins: $1.50 each
Retro Blue and Gold candy dish: $3
(Second Picture) S and P shakers for a collecting friend: $3
Minnesota Commemorative Plate: $4
Ham and Eggs Dishtowel: $3
New Green Daisy Pyrex Bowls: $8
Yellow Vase: $1.50
Amazing Coffee Container: $5
and 2 greatly patterned tins: $1.50 each

brocade home.

My co-workers told me about Brocade home today.. and I am loving all they have to offer! Number one on my list is probably the the 3 frame mirror for my bedroom. Look at more here!


blue pick-up curtains into somethin' new..

On my first Minnesota camping experience, we hit up some little garage sales and I've always got my eye out for a find. This fabric came from the curtains of a woman who had them up at one point in her classy sassy blue pick up that she would drive to take her kids to 4H events...It was perfect weight for a drape-y little top with an awesome bow.


birthday tree.

The card I made for my mom and hannah's birthdays (where we would live if we caould all live together in the same spot)."In a prairie not to far away lived 4 girls in 4 cottages in a charmingly charming tree..."


my fall wardrobe..if it only fit me.

My world is now encompassed in kids clothing..blame it on the day job. Over the past few weeks as I have been struggling to find a fall "look" to invest in, I have found lots of things I love..but the biggest they come in is 6T. Misha Lulu is has quite a cute and yummy look that I would love to wear! And I love their website..


apple a day.

Another wonderful blog is Apple a Day, the kind that make you want to cozy up under an old quilt, needlepoint and frolick around pretending to be Jo March. I love this post about school supplies. I think an order of these personalized pencils is in order. See more here.

2 carrots and a tomato please.

An old general store's cabinet? I wish going to Super Target looked like this still. Seen on Please Sir blog.

i dream of things like this.

Just let me indulge for a moment (as I do often on this blog) and share this...this is the cutest piece of furniture I have ever see. If left to my own devices, I would maybe just quite possibly choose to pink 8 out of 10 times a decision called for it..but parts of me know better and help reign in these indulgences. But for now, I want this! Check out the rest of the apartment where this lives here!

record the day.

What a wonderful idea from Lobster & Swan. I keep a sketchbook, but this idea seems different and fresh..maybe not as perfect as I like each of my sketchbook pages to be. I would incorporate more drawing but even the thought of each day having a color story..something to think about. See more here. Also, I'm about to get on ebay and find me one of those date stamps.


I am loving this special edition print from Lab Partners. It might have a perfect place on my oh so white walls. Check out there blog here.



I just happened upon 2 amazing food blogs...and I can't get enough! If you are hungry and want something super fall-y and tasty...visit milk, eggs, chocolate or smitten kitchen. Pictured above is the butternut squash soup with gruyere crutons and rasberry breakfast bars...sigh.