merry christmas.

this video is absolutely darling...i have watched it 3 times...a very merry christmas to you!

thank you haylie for the link!


need a last minute gift? how about these amazing popcorn and chip bowls from Blue Carrot Shop?

lovely belgium.

If you haven't seen lovely Amy Merrick's pictures from her recent trip to Europe with her sister, you have to pop over to Apple a Day and take a look. Her pictures from Belgium are especially dreamy and have me longing to experience another culture again. I love how she captured this beautiful part of Europe.

what would i do without hunt & gather...

I know you have heard it before, but Minneapolis has THE best vintage finds store, Hunt & Gather. Not having access to this magical place in any other city would be a BIG adjustment for me...guess I'll have to stay in Minneapolis! My apartment sure wouldn't look the same, seeing as every wall is decked out with something I have found there. Everytime you walk through the door, the whole store looks completely different. The women there are visual geniuses... It is the most cluttered, uncluttered, beautiful mess of old stuff I have ever seen. I love hunt & gather!


how AMAZING is this hat? I want one!

new things at target!

I think this might be one of my favorite sets at Target that I have worked on..These graphics are some of my favorites and I hope you and your little daughters or nieces or sisters do to! There is a little printed polka dot sweater that goes with these outfits too, but I haven't seen them in the store yet!


I have started a little collection of house pictures and scenes that I hope to keep adding to. It started after I purchased the matted picture seen above at V&J Duncan print shop in Savannah..I bought it with the hopes of having a little house similar to it one day..


awesome image by William Castellana. See more here.

ring in the new year...

...with this beautiful calendar! I am swooning over this beautiful calendar by Michelle Armas. Get it here.

snow my gosh.

I'm sure you know by now that I live in the frozen tundra of Minneapolis. I must say, although I just experienced "the worst storm since 1991" this past weekend..it hasn't diminished my love for this city. You get to participate in an array of winter sports that can keep you busy during these long, cold months...ice skating on the lakes, cross country skiing, snow tubing, sledding, biking (i still see SO many bikers all throughout the city), snowshoeing...Check out these beauties I found today from the amazing Kauffman Mercantile. A tad out of my price range, but boy would I love to own these.


christmas in my apartment.

I love decorating for christmas and have had fun over the last years collecting vintage christmas knick-knacks to add to my stash. Here are a few snapshots from around my apartment...I am currently snowed in as buckets of snow are continuing to pour down on Minneapolis..18 inches! People have just been tromping down the streets in their boots instead of driving. Oh Minnesota...


hi there!

dear blog readers, i hope you don't hate me and will keep reading my blog once i get into a better routine here. I must admit my job always gets really crazy around this time and my blog has taken a back seat because of it. There are lots of SUPER exciting things going on at Target that you will have to wait till next year to hear about unfortunately, but worth the wait! I will be heading home to Nebraska for the holidays and hope to be blogging and catching you up a bit during that time.

I was so excited to get a text from my mom last Saturday because during her regular stop at Nifty Thrifty on Saturday, she found me a beautiful new kitchen table I just can't wait to get in my kitchen! Bright, cheery, and yellow...love it.