Check out these beautiful flowers from birch! Put together this little palette to use on somethin'...look more here!

life goal #13...work for martha.

Martha's Craft team at their weekly meeting and their holiday inspiration board...dreamy.

cherry blossom girl.

I listed some new blogs I've been visiting under "Other Bloggers
!" and one of them is The Cherry Blossom Girl. I'm not quite sure who this girl is and what her blog about, but I do know that she lives in Paris, wears amazing clothes, and has time to prance around the city and take some pretty fabulous pictures! Here is a taste but take a peek and click around her blog here!

thrifting finds.

While on Spring Break at home, one of my most important objectives was thrifting of course! I headed to Uehling and Omaha and here are some of my finds..A set of wonderful dishes from Kearney, NE a whole set all for $26, a new floral high waisted skirt ($9) and a wonderful vintage pink hairdryer ($15) and a cute set of glasses ($4), "HoneyBunch: Her First Visit to the City" book (ahh..I totally want to read this!) and a cute tin for some earring or notions!

of course...

hi everyone! phew! I am back finally! Of course, my J.Crew obsession continues...Take a second to enjoy this wonderful shot of the new J.Crew wedding looks. Looks like they did their photoshoot somewhere in the south! It's getting me inspired for the photoshoot for my dresses!


yay! finals are over!

nights of no sleep are over so let's pack up and go home for some r&r! hopefully more posting this week..because i am freeeee!


small town modern.

Sorry it has been a while since sharing! It is finals time here in Savannah and I have been sleeping little and working tons...This is a print I designed based on the Midwest culture I live in Nebraska. I wanted to reference the contemporary trends seen at Urban Outfitters and Ikea while commenting on life in Nebraska and my Swedish heritage. I am printing this at a very large scale and picture it being used for interiors or upholstery. It is also an ode to our pet goose of late, Quackers Blanc (seen amidst corn and flowers). We miss you..although not really because you were mean to me...


sarah jane.

I stumbled across these wonderful prints on Etsy. I love the playfulness of these images and the nostalgic way in which they are drawn. I have a feeling that once I get into my apartment, I will be more and more tempted to buy prints like these until my walls are full to the brim! Look at more of Sarah Jane's wonderful illustrations here!