new things at target!

a few new things! The white dress with the border print is one of my very favorites!

reba baggett in paris.

My sweet friend Reba has done what any of us have the power to do, but don't. She has followed her dream, packed her darling suitcases, and moved to Paris. I was always so inspired by Reba's quiet but powerful gumption to try new things, and think outside of the box. You should follow her journey here or here. Je voudrais boire un cafe avec vous mon ami!

harvey faircloth.

i'm sure alot of you have seen this by now, but Harvey Faircloth has released it's spring line. I am in love with the collection, the all over aesthetic of their brand, as well as the fabulous way they have photographed their new line. Also, their designers names are Abby and Katie :) MMMmmm... gets me excited for summer.


walking to work.

holding down the winter fort for a few months longer here...a few scenes from walking to work.


i would like to wake up...

..in Harbour Island, Bahamas. Wearing this and that.