little things.

There are lots of little things in the garden I have been seeing everyday...like this little bud peeking open, little droplets of water, and little sweet clovers.


delighted in d.c.

What a great weekend in D.C.!
Some Favorites...
-Georgetown was full of quaint sights that reminded me of Savannah
-My first trip to a Paper Source store
-Wonderful sights at the Museum of Natural History like the wall of shells of every kind lined up perfectly
-Seeing a handful of my favorite paintings at the National Gallery of Art
-A beautiful wedding that couldn't have been more fun! Hot pink peonies, historic setting, dancing ALOT, beautiful wines and champagne, new friends and memorable company, new reasons to visit England, Ireland, and Scotland!

Hope you like the new look!


nebraska..the good life.

scenes from the homeland.
kitchen table for ten.
swedish lace.
our geese crossing the road.


graduation flowers.

This weekend was amazing! By far the busiest month of my life but one of the best..I am coming off graduating from college! I have so many fun pictures to post from our senior show and senior luncheons..and pictures of me with Andre Leon Talley, Editor at Large of Vogue! I am on the way to Minneapolis as we speak to move into my new apt. but will be home and ready to catch up here at Lovey Dovey! Lots of Love!