mike perry.

On Friday, I was able to visit the Minneapolis College of Art and Design to hear Mike Perry and see his new installation. Here are a few pics!

new stuff.

this is my first Cherokee dress that just came out! it is one of my favorite prints!


emily marie cox wallpaper for hygge and west.

Emily's amazingly darling wallpaper is now available through Hygge and West. They are absolutely beautiful! You must take a peek..

haylie bird on design sponge.

Did you all see Haylie's DIY for all your sewing notions over at Design Sponge?? It is quite a lovely and amazing idea to keep track of all those buttons, ribbons and fabrics lying around! Keep the great ideas coming Haylie!!

summer sunning...

I'm kinda loving this hat right now...get it here.



i heart you Tim Walker. You are a genius. Can I live inside your head for a while?


letter hooked.

My very talented friend Carolyn has just started a new blog, dedicated to her love of typography. She has sooo much to share and am so glad to introduce her blog to you!
Click here to see more!

liberty of london.

I am so happy i got some of the lovely Liberty of London collection for Target this weekend! Here is a snapshot of some of my purchases..i think some of my very favorites were the super sweet pajamas. I hope you all find something you like to take home too!


birthdays are the best..

Happy Birthday Sweet Katie! Once upon a time there was a new dorky girl on the block wearing matching Laura Ashley jumpers with her sisters in Dallas (that's me) and their sweet, outgoing, and slightly dorky herself neighbor came running across the street to introduce herself...and thus Katie and I's story began. I can't believe how blessed I have been with the dear friends in my life. Sweet Katie, I could not ask for a more loyal, life-loving, dear-hearted friend. Love you and happy birthday!

*Hi all, Hope you like the new blog header! I am heading to Oakland for the weekend for some family fun. I hope your weekends are fabulous as well. Don't forget!! Liberty of London for Target hits stores on SUNDAY MARCH 14th. From the buzz surrounding it, you might want to get yourselves to a Target...quickly! I hope to pick up some cute pajamas, an umbrella, and a dress or 2! lots of lovey dovey!


happy birthday grandma ruthie!

It is my sweet grandma's birthday today, Ruth Edelle Wallerstedt. She gives a young girl like me hope in growing older. This woman's energy is contagious and if you ever need a big hug, a good laugh, or a fun joke over a wine spritzer:) she's your lady.
I love how i have grown to appreciate all her amazing qualities and friendship as I have gotten older. Love you grandma tootie!
(that lil' bit on the right is me)

lovely love.

can you imagine the pure glee that insued after opening an envelope and pulling out this! Dear Paige, master of watercolors and lovely things, did this beautiful drawing for me for valentines day. Love the neon touches and love that dress...thanks sweet paige!

saturday breakfast.

After seeing my mom's fresh eggs she was able to get from a local farm, I started doing some research for my own source in Minneapolis. It seemed like such a lovely fresh food to have especially now in the final push through the end of winter. I am blessed to live in a city that has such a plethora of Farmer's Markets..even in the winter! The vendors were out with there meat and eggs this Saturday...I learned that to get the super fresh eggs, you actually have to contact the farm and put your name on some the week before because they never know how many they will get...so mine were cage free-organic, but not Minnesota farm fresh..the hunt continues..

i am missing...

...the summer sun and the green grass. i didn't think it was possible to forget about these things, but you do a bit. picture of the back yard at the Casa.