some spring things.

The bike is out and I think it was 70 degrees for the first time in many, many, many months today. I am going to try not to drive to the grocery store at all this summer. I can get there in about 15 minutes on my bike, so I have no excuse. If I'm not biking to the store or work, you can probably find me on the hill by the Rose Gardens at Lake Harriet with a stack of magazines soaking up some sun.

I am trying my hand at some mint infused white rum for my second favorite summer drink, mojitos!

I found this little guy at Nifty Thrifty a while ago, painted it white, and now have another great place to stick some flowers!

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Mother Rabbit said...

You made use feel "spring-y". Love the fresh flowers and mint. And we were thinking we were cool with 7500 hits on our blog... and then saw you had 46,000+. You are in the big leagues. FYI: Graduation preparations would overwhelm us if you weren't coming home.