recipe for a good summer: beeritas.

I whipped up my first batch of beeritas this past weekend despite the crappy weather. Don't know what a beerita is? Well, your life is about to be changed. The simple definition of a beerita is a margarita with beer. It cuts the sweeten of a regular margarita and is the most refreshing summer drink..be careful..they are strong. My Juice-o-Mat worked perfectly for getting every last drop out of those limes!

Here is my fail proof recipe..

Ingredients (makes 1 pitcher):
1 can frozen limeade concentrate (i sometimes add fresh lime juice as well)
2 cheap beers (I prefer Michelob Golden Light)
Triple Sec

Dump your frozen limeade into the pitcher. Fill up the empty limeade container with tequila and add to frozen limeade (don't fill up as much for a less strong one). Pour in 2 beers. Let the foam settle and give it a stir until the limeade is dissolved. Finish off with a hit of triple sec.

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DJT's News said...

Was first introduced to beeritas by my Texas nephews and nieces last year. You are absolutely right! They are fantastic and a wonderful summer drink.