get out of town: italy (seriously).

I can hardly believe I'm typing this... but I am traveling to Italy this summer with my best friend!! I hate to say it, but when Katie first planted the idea in my head, my first instinct was No. Too much money, missing meetings at work, too much money...I always think it is the most depressing thing to hear people say the one thing they wish they could do more is travel. There is a tone in their voice that makes it sound like it's something they'll never be able to do. But you just have to DO IT! Friends are too dear not to plan experiences like this, life moves too quickly, and money- shmoney...I see it as an investment for my life and in our friendship, what a blessing! And a HUGE thank you to my dad who happily donated a huge chunk of his airline miles to go towards my ticket!


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Abby THAT"S GREAT!!!! You are going to have a blast!!