paige smith for lilly pulitzer.

..another favorite moment for sure, was a little visit I took to the Lilly store on Madison Ave. A little birdie told me that Paige had a new print out called "Trouble" featuring monkeys swinging from chandeliers. So I was beaming as I walked into the store and saw her print on journals, planners, and my new coffee mug! Little did I know that when I walked up stairs I would be greeted by a gorgeous painting of Lilly herself by none other than Paige! So proud..how fun!


Handmade Design said...

Go Paige! I am so excited I wish we had a Lilly here in Tallahassee. I would so go out and buy it Very Nice! oh check out my blog Abby. Inspirationseason.blogspot.com
YEEA! Paige

Emily said...

so proud!