happy birthday haylie bird!

..part of the fun of this weekend is that it fell right on sweet Haylie's birthday! Many fun plans were in place including a night at Prospect Park under the stars for some grilling and poker. It was so fun to catch up with friends new and old..sweet Erin, lovely Ginny, and adorable Chelsea among them. We were able to treat ourselves to a magical dinner at Freeman's. Like many moments that I truly believe one can only have in nyc, looking down the alley and seeing those lights and the warm blue door of Freeman's was amazing. It was the perfect place to celebrate the life of a dear friend that has brought so many sweet and tender moments into my life.

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hayliebird said...

so sweet of you and all of my friends to treat me and to rejoice with me! 25 years- scary. it was a good one, especially because you were here.