summer evenings at lake harriet.

..i can't help but be so thankful every time i run or walk around lake harriet. I am in awe that 5 miles away from my downtown apartment there are 3 beautiful lakes..one of the many reasons I am becoming more and more fond of Minneapolis and the quaint state of Minnesota. It is picturesque in everyway...grandpas teaching grandsons how to fish, bands playing in the bandshell, happy (and intense) rollerbladers (another reason i love Minneapolis..rollerblading has never been more cool), and content dogs playing away in the water..i wanted to share just a few pictures of my run around lake harriet. There is also a little gnomes house that people can leave notes at..and i hear he responds! i haven't left a note yet, but i want to.
..I don't take for granted any sound, plant, or warm moment i have around the lakes, because winter is coming..