oakland farmers market.

...finished one side of the new Oakland farmer's market sign! pictured with fresh veggies from the nicollet farmers market...how cute are those carrots?


Kara Wentz said...

Hi Abby!

It means so much that you commented on my blog! I discovered yours after I saw pictures of those adorable dresses you made for senior portfolio! Oh my goodness, I want one of each! I tell everyone about your blog and I've told all of the Fibers professors (esp. Pam!) how I so wished I had met you before you left because I feel like we are somewhat kindred spirits!

Also, I have to tell you! I went to a baby shower the other day and purchased your "no girls allowed" onesie from Target to give. I walked around the baby dept. showing my mom all the things you had designed that I had seen on your blog. She thought that was really neat! and so did everyone at the Shower! hah.

Thanks for all of your inspiration! xoxo


Sharon T. said...

Um. I love this sign. Another fantastic Abby creation.