In the county fair spirit, my mom and i decided to make pickles with the fresh cucumbers from her garden! We spent a lot of time in Bill's garden (our neighbor who graciously lets us munch on his harvest) eating tomatoes till i was full and filling my pockets with fresh jalepenos, peppers, but most importantly to get fresh dill of course for our project. We used a simple dill recipe that didn't require weeks of soaking (as some do). Our recipe included fresh garlic, pepper, a little sugar, dill, and sweet onion..that's it! You make a simple solution of vinegar, pickling salt and sugar that you boil and pour into your jars, seal the lid and voila! I opened my first jar tonight and they are very tasty .

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KT said...

Abby...how are you new friend!! I just love your pictures! They're beautiful!! Hope all is well...looks like you are making some great stuff for Target! Someday you will have to visit David and I and give our garden a taste!