let's go fly a kite..

..up to the highest heights, let's go fly a kite to new york city! In less than a month, I will be venturing to the city once more for another weekend extravaganza with 2 sweethearts. One adventure is seeing Mary Poppins on Broadway..yay yay yay!


hayliebird said...

eeeeeek!! i can't wait. really i am so so excited. in the meantime i'll be picking out my outfit for the evening. can you believe emily already has hers all planned out?!! of course she does. as she finishes her 30 million other projects she also found time to think and plan such a thing. what am i talking about- you probably have yours picked out too!! don't you?!

emily said...

ok no. Correction Ms. Haylie Beth Waring....I just have my shoes picked out and they are an obvious choice since I bought them three months ago just for the sole purpose of wearing them in honor of Miss Poppins herself.

phyllis said...

hey girl! LOVE your site :) it's amazing! you are so talented and creative. and yes i can tell that all from your blog ;)