phew! it has been a long run without saying hello..I had a very relaxing christmas and new years at home in oakland and then turned around to head for nyc, so i have lots to tell and share. First, some shots from christmas...
-i always am fascinated by the giant icicles..i could stare at them all day.
-To my delight, I discovered for the first time Grandma Dee's collection of wind ups..she is one creative lady, full of ideas, projects, lists, poems, collections..i can only hope my mind will be that alive for that long.
-main street at night.
-old buttons framed at anthropologie.
-the front case at Nifty Thrifty. Will post findings very soon.

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hayliebird said...

oooh!! that front case at nifty looks very enticing. i wish to one day raid nifty thrifty with you! please invite me!
miss you.