It was a relaxing weekend and day off at home to celebrate my mom and sister's birthdays. I love being at the Little House and how much I have come to appreciate Oakland and its charms that I feel I have only know really come to appreciate. The garden was overgrown, but still beautiful in its own spooky october way. A long bike ride with my mom to our cousin's farm was a perfect afternoon activity and my stops to Nifty Thrifty and Finders Keepers were of course fabulous. It's as if I have my own little treasure troves in the middle of nowhere to find wonderful things I do no need but that I come home with because they are $1.50...a little run down of my finds?
(First picture) A set of 8 buttery yellow bowls and creamer with gold details: $3
2 awesome lard tins: $1.50 each
Retro Blue and Gold candy dish: $3
(Second Picture) S and P shakers for a collecting friend: $3
Minnesota Commemorative Plate: $4
Ham and Eggs Dishtowel: $3
New Green Daisy Pyrex Bowls: $8
Yellow Vase: $1.50
Amazing Coffee Container: $5
and 2 greatly patterned tins: $1.50 each

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SHILL said...

love flea markets. what a thrill seeing all your treasured finds...and oh, great captures :)