blue pick-up curtains into somethin' new..

On my first Minnesota camping experience, we hit up some little garage sales and I've always got my eye out for a find. This fabric came from the curtains of a woman who had them up at one point in her classy sassy blue pick up that she would drive to take her kids to 4H events...It was perfect weight for a drape-y little top with an awesome bow.


SHILL said...

lovely top. pretty pattern. perfection i'll say :)

hayliebird said...

you are pure magic. love it. love the colors, the fabric, the bow, the shape, the fit, and you. i want one!!

emily said...

How do you solve a problem like maria? How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?

Lovey Dovey said...

a fliberdy gibit..a will of a wink.. a clown..!