vintage dresses..oodles and oodles of them.

I will start with a new favorite, picked up this weekend at Halle's Vintage. I would wear this everyday in my dreams.

A dream print in my book, from Halle's Vintage.

A beautiful, bright floral from Very Vintage, Savannah.

One of a kind reminiscent of Florence Broadhurst, from Minneapolis.

Bright colored muu muu's, I can't help myself, from Minneapolis.

What I like to call my Minnesota weekend dress, Halle's Vintage.

Great print on a shift from the 50's, from Minneapolis.

Italian wool 9 to 5 dress from the 40's, Halle's Vintage.

Black eyelet beauty, from my sweet friend Haylie, on my 22nd birthday.

I do love a vintage plaid, from a flea market in Paris. This one has beautifully hand sewn button holes.

So Jackie and so pink, from Omaha, NE.

Rainbow check halter dress, from an amazing vintage store in Paris.

A true gem, tulip dress in red and white seersucker, from my dear Haylie.

Red Greyhound daydress. One of my very favorites, from Haylie too!

My collection of vintage Dresses..I can't help myself.


hayliebird said...

yummy!! i want one of each. im so jealous & especially jealous that you have a job where you can wear these beauties.
poo. i wish i had a place to wear my own vintage dresses.

Misty said...

Great selection of all these vintage dresses...