what to wear.

I found these images in the latest Teen Vogue..yes I read Teen Vogue. Although it's usually more edgy than my liking, I find it really fun to look through. These were so yummy. I love the bold use of pattern of course but what I was drawn to the most was the colors. Bright golden yellows with magentas, blacks, teals...bold but how wonderful! The dress on the top (my favorite) is by Hanii y Anorak, although I couldn't find it online. For a little milder look, you could go for the silk reversible skirt by Cynthia Rowley.

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Halligan Norris said...

ok gur. My love for the Teen Vogue is preeetttyy unbeatable. Thanks for sharing the love. Hope all is well with you my dear. Happy Christmas. xoxo