what i've been up to.

Hi lovey dovey readers! I know it has been a while. Yet again, work has taken over a little bit and left me low on creative energy, even to blog. When I've been coming home, I have been devoting alot of my energy to telling our Italy story! Above are some pages from the book I am making. It has been such a joy to work on, and confirms again the importance of pictures and storytelling...Ashlea, Katie and I are having a reunion party in January in Dallas, and we hope to put together a plan to get us back to Capri again...totally serious. I am not going to be blogging that much anymore until the new year. My plan is to build myself a new website, and the blog will be incorporated into that site. Exciting stuff, so hopefully you can be patient with me and join up with me again once the new site is up and running. I will keep you all updated through Lovey Dovey until then. I will also be selling some artwork prints at a friends holiday boutique at the beginning of Dec. that I will give you all an opportunity to buy as well, so more to come soon on that.

Lots of love! Abby

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Miss Jess said...

Have I mentioned I want to be like you when I grow up? :)