a southern girls guide to winter.

This is my third winter here in Minneapolis, and while this has most definitely been the worst weather wise, I must say my spirits (no pun intended;) and outlook about this season here in the North are better than ever. There are a few very tangible things that I have discovered to help me in these cold months that I thought I would share with you.

1. Invest in real-deal winter boots.
I bought my Sorel boots last winter and have never been the same. The traction is unlike any other pair of boots I have seen and you feel invincible against any pile of snow or icy lake. These boots mean business..I also think they are quite chic in a mountain man kind of way and wear them with just about everything.

2. Have a great warm pair of mittens.
These fleece lined mittens have been with me for 2 winters and I love 'em!

3. Whiskey
Ladies, winter sucks sometimes and heading out for late night sledding with a little hard stuff in your pocket is kinda fun. It warms the bones..it's true. When I asked my sister's for a flask for Christmas, there was a bit of silence on the other end of the phone, until I said, "Have you forgotten that I live in the frozen tundra and a girls gotta stay warm??"


Emily said...

true. true and true. love the floral backgrounds.

Mother Rabbit said...

LOVE the floral scenes behind the winter goods. Fun post. So fun... so true.

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My Vibrant World said...

Thank goodness I found this! I'm a southern girl in Minneapolis fresh off the boat from Florida and I have NO IDEA what to buy! Thanks!