texas girl.

I am very proud to be (part) texan. While I wasn't born there, I spent 10 of my growing up years as a Texan. I remember when my mom told me we were moving there in 4th grade truly believing that we were heading to a land of desert and cactuses where everyone was donning a cowboy hat. What I didn't know is that, instead, we were heading to a land that smelled of fresh tortillas and where the magnificent salsa flowed like water. Yes, I fell in love with Mexican food and Tex-Mex while living in Dallas, and my love continues even in the nothern frozen tundra. All this to say, I totally dressed up like a taco this year...it was amazing.
ps. If you ever find yourself in Houston, I would strongly suggest you get yourself to Lupe Tortilla, one of my favorites (pictured above).

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