By far, one of my very favorite parts of going to SCAD and especially in our Fibers department, was the emphasis on sketchbooks. I absolutely loved the practice of documenting my process visually on the page. I treated each page as a project in itself and still treasure every sketchbook I have. I even keep my Senior Collection notebook (some pages shown above) at work with me and when I find myself getting frustrated or uninspired, I flip through it and am able to almost reconnect and remind myself of who I am. I have continued to work in a sketchbook at work and have found that the practice of turning around from my computer screen and turning to my sketchbook is such a necessary part of staying connected with why I love what I do in my fast-paced work environment. Every season, I map out for myself what graphics I want to do and use mini sketches to start my process (shown above). Then I start drawings for each graphic, scan them in, and finish them in Photoshop. The cuckoo clock was a graphic that didn't make it into our final line.
I also found the page that inspired the work I did for Working Class Studio the other day, so thought I would share that with you! Also, the Working Class journals were featured in "the Nest" magazine!

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