"With the magic of a broom, she can mesmerize a room.."

One of my favorite movie scenes is from the musical Calamity Jane, which I grew up watching. Whenever I decorate, my mind immediately jumps to when Calamity and Katie sing "A Woman's Touch," and magically transform Calam's cabin into a dream house. I can still remember playing pretend under the tree in the back of our yard, acting like I was cleaning and making the space a little "home."

"A woman's touch can quickly fill
The empty flower boxes on a winder sill.
One smile from her and zoom
Little buds begin to bloom...

A touch of paint,
A magic nail,
Can turn a kitchen chair into a Chippendale.
Even make the lamp appear,
Like a crystal chandelier!

With a tack tack here and a tack tack there
And a hand around a hammer
With a mop mop here and a mop mop there
You can give a cabin glamour.

The pies and cakes a woman bakes,
Can make a fella tell her
That he loves her very much...
It can?
..So never underestimate a woman's touch!"

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