birthdays are the best..

Happy Birthday Sweet Katie! Once upon a time there was a new dorky girl on the block wearing matching Laura Ashley jumpers with her sisters in Dallas (that's me) and their sweet, outgoing, and slightly dorky herself neighbor came running across the street to introduce herself...and thus Katie and I's story began. I can't believe how blessed I have been with the dear friends in my life. Sweet Katie, I could not ask for a more loyal, life-loving, dear-hearted friend. Love you and happy birthday!

*Hi all, Hope you like the new blog header! I am heading to Oakland for the weekend for some family fun. I hope your weekends are fabulous as well. Don't forget!! Liberty of London for Target hits stores on SUNDAY MARCH 14th. From the buzz surrounding it, you might want to get yourselves to a Target...quickly! I hope to pick up some cute pajamas, an umbrella, and a dress or 2! lots of lovey dovey!

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Michele said...

you amaze me...I have been to target lately and have stocked up on baby clothes...they couldn't be more darling and I can hardy wait to have grandbabies to wear them!!Have a great weekend with the fam, and lt's for sure get together with the sisters and moms sometime soon! xoxox LOVE the new loveydovey heading!!