happy wednesday.

beautiful beautiful beautiful pictures from i.Anton's flickr.
I though I would share some of my 2010 goals with you my Lovey Dovey readers...
1. Learn to make cheese, bread, pizza dough, and a few signature drinks...just a few of the many things i want to be able to whip up on a whim this year.
2. Sew at least 7 items of clothing for myself.
3. Send more hand-written notes and packages..for no reason. There is nothing more wonderful than getting unexpected mail...
4. Host more get-togethers at my apt...this may mean theme parties..hmmm.
5. Run another 1/2 marathon in June.
Just a few things... I like to keep my goals list open and add to it along the way.


{better than candy} said...

what a great list.. and pretty pics! xo.

ElizabethUebler said...

Hmm.. I am working on the pizza dough myself.. First try was last weekend and it wasn't the best recipe. I will give you updates. But really I am interested in hearing about this cheese making!