..spent thanksgiving in alabama with my dad's family! In true southern style, we ate canned cranberry sauce (a hyslop family tradition..along with true classy array of other yummy things thanks to Fiona) and went to the Jack Daniels distillery! hee hee.
It was a great relaxing break.
p.s. I watched the entire Band of Brothers series. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it.


Paul said...

Band of Brothers is the best.

sem said...

hi lovey dovey!

my name is sarah myers- i am lindsey myers' sister- and i love your cute blog! you have a little cult following in austin- hope you don't mind :) so this is very random, but i was wondering if you were doing a 2010 calendar this year? i remember seeing one for 2009 and i would LOVE to buy a couple for gifts for the upcoming new year, but hadn't seen you post anything about it. let me know... i guess the best way is email? sarahelizabethmyers@gmail.com

thanks and you are so talented! keep those creative juices flowing for us!