yay for kiley, baker, and hannah!

My mom and Mike pulled out all the stops this weekend and hosted an amazing graduation party for the graduates, Hannah, Baker and Kiley. A "county fair" theme with red and white check table cloths, funnel cakes, hot dog stand, ring toss..it was a huge success and quite the party. I designed the invites and was up sewing pendants on wednesday night..it was quite the celebration! I also got to catch up with 2 lovey dovey readers..hi Sandy and Robin!!


Whitney said...

I'm so disappointed that I didn't make it! My mom said it was very neat, and the pictures look amazing!

Daria said...

this looks like the most amazing party ever! I wish I had a backyard like this!
awh I'm in love
by the way I accidentaly stepped in your blog and I love it so so much!
The pictures, the music, everything *_*

Anonymous said...

Abby you made my day. I am not alone in saying that this was the best grad party I've ever been to. The lights, food and decorations were perfect!! The best part- fun for all ages. Sandy said she got to keep her apron- I now have apron envy. Keep on blogging- I love your ideas. I so want one of your bingo dresses- Lovely!!

s said...

hello to you Abby - great to visit with you. Enjoy your day.