sweet times in texas...

I just got back from a delightful amazing weekend visiting 2 dear friends, my best friend and her husband in Houston. It felt so good to be on Texas soil again, to have the smell of fresh tortillas in the air, to see so much green!...
Here is just a taste of some favorite moments from the weekend..
-getting my first tours of houston..and katie and cullen's wonderful home! highlights: the bayou and las palmas. hee.
-Eating real mexican food for the first time in at least a year..it was so good i could barely concentrate. The quality of tortillas and salsa alone is enough reason to live in texas.
-lunch at Tiny Boxwoods, an amazingly chic little lunch spot that is connected to a nursery.
-a beautiful dinner at Pesce with wonderfully fun company and the best rasberry mojitos, what more could a girl want?
-finally being able to present K and C with their wedding present! It has been a long road to get it to them, but it was definitely a highlight for me to see it finally hanging in their home. I cross-stitched a piece for them to commemorate their anniversary, March 29th, 2008. The pattern was from a book I bought in France, modified a little bit for the text etc. Katie's mom so generously gave me a piece of lace from her wedding gown that forms the outside border. It truly made the piece!
There is nothing quite like being with a best friend..thanks for a wonderful weekend katie and cullen!


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kara said...

your embroidery turned out so beautiful!!!!
we need to have crafty time soon (outside!)